Ryan Ricks is Jump Starting Her Future

There’s no slowing down Ryan Ricks! This 13-year-old has accelerated her learning in all of her courses. According to state standards, Ryan should be in 7th grade because of her age, but she is currently taking 10th grade sociology, 9th grade Spanish, 9th grade English, 11th grade Algebra II, 10th grade Biology and 8th grade History.

Ryan has been attending Carpe Diem Innovative School – Shadeland since its opening in the Fall and she immediately knew it was the right fit for her. The aspect she loves most about the school’s structure is the flexibility to work forward.

“Since I can work at my own pace, I’m able to go ahead,” said Ryan. She’s able to get all her work done at school so that she doesn’t have much to do at home and can concentrate on family time. Her parents and her older brother are her biggest motivators to working ahead. They help push her forward and makes sure she stays on the right path.

Ryan’s favorite subject at school is English, which has inspired her future career: she hopes to go to college to become a crime/mystery author. The teacher that Ryan identifies with most is the English and language arts teacher, Ms. Munda. According to Ryan, Ms. Munda is excellent at analyzing people’s character and then finding how to keep them motivated. She has also contributed to Ryan’s love for writing.

Ryan’s advice to students wanting to work ahead is “Just do it. Try not to let other people distract you.” She knows that there is a time and a place for socializing but in the end, it’s going to be solely you who gets your work done.

We are excited to see where Ryan’s future will take her and are happy that we can be a part of it!