12 Reasons to Choose Carpe Diem

1. Be surrounded by classmates who actually want to learn and care about their education.

2. Work at your own pace with our personalized digital curriculum.

3. Look great every day with our uniforms. No morning outfit stress needed here!

4. Catch up on classes and get back on track to graduate on time.

5. Get the attention you deserve out of your educational experience through more one-on-one interaction with our highly qualified teachers.

6. Engage in fun, hands-on labs every week!

7. Continue to participate in school events, dances, graduation ceremonies and other social events.

8. Enjoy smaller class sizes to get more personalized support and make friends.

9. Meet new people from across Indiana and bring your friends with you!

10. Earn an accredited diploma when you graduate with Carpe Diem, recognized by employers and universities.

11. Prepare for your future with a quality education that gets you college and career ready.

12. Best of all–attending Carpe Diem is completely tuition FREE!

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High School Diploma vs. a GED

At Carpe Diem, we know that getting a diploma takes a lot of hard work, but we can assure you it’s worth it! The US Bureau of Labor Statistics released a report that shows some major differences between people who hold a high school diploma versus people who have a GED. Here are five reasons why that free high school diploma really does matter.


1. You Will Make More Money


According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, people who have an accredited high

school diploma—like the one you would obtain at Carpe Diem—earn on average $179 more per week than those with a GED. That’s about $9,300 dollars more a year you could earn just by getting that diploma!


2. You Will Find a Job More Easily


Despite what many people think, GED actually stands for general education development and not general equivalency diploma. A GED does not hold the same

value as a high school diploma, and unfortunately a stigma follows those who have

GEDs as someone who quits or can’t work hard. According to the Bureau, people who have a GED have an unemployment rate of 11% whereas people with a high school diploma are only at 7.5%.


3. You’re More Likely to Stay in College


If you are thinking of attending college, you definitely want to make sure you get your diploma. For one reason, it will be much easier to get into college with a diploma versus a GED. Plus, reports show that 77% percent of people who hold a GED drop out of college after the first semester versus only 24% of those with a high school diploma.


4. A High School Diploma With Carpe Diem is Free!


At Carpe Diem, you can get your high school diploma for free! An average GED test costs about $120 and it holds less value, so why not get your education from Carpe Diem for free?


5. You Get to Enjoy the High School Experience


At your traditional school, you may be thinking you don’t like the high school experience. But at Carpe Diem, we have small classroom sizes and exciting school events so you can make friends in a safe, inviting way. Plus, you can follow us on Facebook where we keep you connected with all the latest news, making our high school experience something you definitely wouldn’t want to miss out on!


Come enjoy a quality, tuition-free education that lets you work at your own pace with Carpe Diem! Classes begin August 8. To start your application, click here.

Four Myths About Blended Learning–Busted!

When it comes to blended education, the amount of varied “facts” thrown out there can leave you with so many questions it can get overwhelming. Maybe you’ve never attended a blended learning school, or maybe you have a sister whose friend’s cousin’s nephew goes to one. The bottom line is: There are a lot of myths floating around out there, and that’s why we’ve taken some of the top ones and busted them in this blog post.

Myth #1- Schools who use blended learning are as expensive as private schools.

We can easily bust this one! All Carpe Diem schools are completely tuition free. State-sponsored charter schools give students the opportunity to get a quality education for free. Some blended learning schools are private and do charge tuition, and that’s why we recommend you do your research and find out what the best fit is for you. At Carpe Diem, we are always enrolling. Apply online here!

Myth #2- Blended curriculum is just simple busy work.

This is a big one. A lot of people worry that digital content equates to impersonalized, busy work. Not true. In fact, the beauty of a blended model is that all students receive an education specifically tailored to them. Students work at their pace and take the appropriate time to grasp each concept. If a student works faster than the others, he is not tied to waiting until the rest of the class is ready to move on; he can continue to learn!

Not to mention, Carpe Diem incorporates exciting multimedia curriculum. Students watch interactive videos, play educational games and read several different pieces of engaging content to help them truly enjoy what they’re learning and gain greater retention.

Myth #3- Blended learning students don’t get enough socialization.

This is another myth that may worry some parents and students. Being in a blended environment where students spend time on computers could seem isolating. But at Carpe Diem, time spent on the computer is only part of the experience. Much of the day incorporates interaction with classroom teachers and other students, including hands-on labs, collaborative group projects and extracurricular activities to get to know their peers and socialize.

Myth #4- Teachers don’t teach as much in blended schools.

This one is an ongoing myth we are proud to say we can bust! Because there’s digital curriculum “teaching” students, many seem to think the onsite teachers don’t do much. But in reality, the opposite is actually true. Carpe Diem features small class sizes, allowing our teachers to communicate individually with every student to help them receive a top-notch personalized education. Oftentimes, our students find that they communicate much more with their teachers here than they ever did in a traditional setting.

For more information or to enroll, head to ChooseCarpeDiem.com/Shadeland.

Ryan Ricks is Jump Starting Her Future

There’s no slowing down Ryan Ricks! This 13-year-old has accelerated her learning in all of her courses. According to state standards, Ryan should be in 7th grade because of her age, but she is currently taking 10th grade sociology, 9th grade Spanish, 9th grade English, 11th grade Algebra II, 10th grade Biology and 8th grade History.

Ryan has been attending Carpe Diem Innovative School – Shadeland since its opening in the Fall and she immediately knew it was the right fit for her. The aspect she loves most about the school’s structure is the flexibility to work forward.

“Since I can work at my own pace, I’m able to go ahead,” said Ryan. She’s able to get all her work done at school so that she doesn’t have much to do at home and can concentrate on family time. Her parents and her older brother are her biggest motivators to working ahead. They help push her forward and makes sure she stays on the right path.

Ryan’s favorite subject at school is English, which has inspired her future career: she hopes to go to college to become a crime/mystery author. The teacher that Ryan identifies with most is the English and language arts teacher, Ms. Munda. According to Ryan, Ms. Munda is excellent at analyzing people’s character and then finding how to keep them motivated. She has also contributed to Ryan’s love for writing.

Ryan’s advice to students wanting to work ahead is “Just do it. Try not to let other people distract you.” She knows that there is a time and a place for socializing but in the end, it’s going to be solely you who gets your work done.

We are excited to see where Ryan’s future will take her and are happy that we can be a part of it!

Spring Break Ideas

We hope everyone has a fun, safe spring break! If you are staying in Indianapolis for break, here are some fun ways you can spend time.

Explore a park near you. Some parks will be hosting events for spring like the Gnome Show at Garfield Park going on March 19 – April 4 from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. $3 per person, $8 per family.

Visit the Indianapolis Public Library. Each branch hosts events like a Conservation and Green Thumb Class and Tribute to Dr. Seuss Magic Show. Check out what is happening at the one closest to you.

Check out the Indy Lightsaber Academy on Thursday evenings at 6:30 p.m. for Lightsaber class. First class is $5.

Try Free Community Drum Circle every Thursday evening at 7 p.m. at Bongo Boy Recreational Music Center.

Visit the Children’s Museum and see what guest speakers and presentations will be there.

Go for a walk on the canal or cultural trail.

Visit the Artsgarden for a free performance at 12:15 p.m. on March 25, 26, 29, 30 and 31.

Go to the Indianapolis Museum of Art. Certain areas of the IMA are free for all visitors, including The Virginia B. Fairbanks Art & Nature Park: 100 Acres and access to the LOVE and Five Brushstrokes sculptures.


As ISTEP gets closer we would like to share some test tips for our students. It is important to remember that test scores are only one measure of a student’s abilities, not the whole picture. Remember to stay positive and do your best!


Before Testing

  • Practice math using flash cards.
  • Practice reading by reading out loud.
  • Look over what you have learned and get help on any areas you may need.
  • Read your notes.
  • Limit your TV time. Studies show that kids who watch fewer than three hours of television a day scored higher on the national reading test than those who watch more.
  • Reduce test anxiety by staying positive. You can do it!
  • Go to bed early and get 8 hours of sleep.
  • Eat a good healthy breakfast all week.
  • Participate in physical activity to help relieve stress.
  • Get all your materials ready and be sure to pack extra pencils.


During the Test

  • Take your time but pace yourself.
  • Read the directions carefully.
  • Double check answers and numbering.
  • Attempt every question. Mark the ones that you don’t know and come back later.
  • Eliminate all the choices you know can’t be right.
  • Read and reread to help get the answers you need.
  • Never leave an answer blank.
  • Relax and just focus on doing your best!

Carpe Diem Innovative School – Shadeland to Host Free Project Cybersafe Event for the Community

WHO:         Marion County Prosecutor’s Office and Carpe Diem Innovative School – Shadeland

WHAT:        Free Project Cybersafe presentation

WHERE:     Carpe Diem Innovative School – Shadeland

4410 N. Shadeland Avenue

Indianapolis, IN 46226

WHEN:       Tuesday, Nov. 17 at 5:30 p.m.

WHY:          Understanding the ever-changing online world can be a challenge for parents. The Marion County Prosecutor’s Office will lead it’s one-hour Project Cybersafe presentation on Tuesday to help parents keep their kids safe.

During the session, parents will learn about what’s happened during recent cases in central Indiana. Parents will receive a better understanding of popular social media sites and privacy settings, signs of cyber-bullying and how to monitor what children are doing online.

For more information, please call 317.649.5916.